Aubameyang Shares Lessons He Learnt from Brazilian Ronaldo While In Italy. (READ)

Gabonese international and Chelsea FC striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has recently shared some vital lessons he has learnt from Brazilian football legend Ronaldo.

The former Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund star recalled learning a lot from Ronaldo during his time in Italy.

Aubameyang was at AC Milan as a young player from 2007-11 and did not play for the senior team at San Siro as he spent time on loan before moving permanently to Saint-Etienne. Aubameyang spent some time alongside a string of greats at Milan, including Ronaldo, who was about to retire from football.

Aubameyang ahead of Chelsea hosting AC Milan in the Champions League on Wednesday revealed that he knows Ronaldo too well.

He stated as follows:

“At that time, the team was really strong, to tell the truth. Ronaldo, [Paolo] Maldini, [Alessandro] Nesta… I was very young.

“That is why I chose to go on loan for a few years. I was just trying to improve and looking at [Ronaldo] to learn as much as I could.

“To tell the truth, he was a bit fat by then! But he was still the best. I will always remember when Carlo Ancelotti had a go at him about his fitness, he said, ‘What do you want me to do, run or score goals?’ Ancelotti said, ‘score goals’, and the next game Ronaldo scored twice!

“It that is part of the character and as a striker, you need that because you have to be strong mentally.”

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