“I will never campaign for anybody till I die” – Oyedepo denies leaked audio with Peter Obi.

The presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has stated that he will never campaign for any politician as long he is still living.

This comes less than 24 hours after an online newspaper, Peoples Gazette, released an audio where Obi solicited the support of Oyedepo to help get votes from Christians in the South-West.

The former governor of Anambra State also stated that the votes were needed because the 2023 presidential election was a religious war.

“Daddy, I need you to speak to your people in the South-West and Kwara, the Christians in the South-West and Kwara.

This is a religious war. Like I keep saying: if this works, you people will never regret the support,” he said in the audio.

In reaction to this, Bishop Oyedepo on Sunday at the church’s headquarters in Ogun State stated that he never spoke to any group of people on behalf of any politician.

“Nobody had ever told me what to say in this world. No. I have never campaigned for anybody or speak on anybody’s behalf and I will not do that till I go to heaven.

“There is no (political) party in this country that didn’t come to me for prayers and for advice. I advised them, some, they didn’t take. Those who chose to take it, they see results; those who said no, they are going about it (laughs). If you still come again, I will still tell you, it doesn’t change,” he said.

The audio had attracted criticism for Obi, with some of his supporters saying it was doctored.

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