Nigerians Revisit Oxlade’s Tape After Moyo Lawal’s X-Tape Went Viral

The internet has a peculiar way of making certain topics go viral. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another story takes over the trending charts, grabbing everyone’s attention on a throwback.

Watch Full Video (+18): Nollywood Actress “Moyo Lawal” Leaked X-tape That Got Everyone Taking

Just after Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal found herself at the center of such a storm as her s*xtape went viral online, amidst all the buzz and chatter Nigerian talented singer and songwriter Oxlade got himself on the trending table on the street of “X” formerly know as Twitter App.

Why is Oxlade trending? The answer lies in the humorous way X/Twitter users decided to compare Oxlade’s past leaked scandal with Moyo Lawal’s current one. After carefully hilariously analyzing Moyo’s partner’s performance on the leaked x-tape they concluded that Oxlade still remains the G.O.A.T.

A user Gravity said, “If your s*x leak don’t meet or exceed the standard Oxlade set, delete it, He is the goat. moyo lawal should have done better”

Another user Yom, said the leaked s*xtape from Moyo Lawal was boring. in his words:

Make your s*x-tape leak make e still kon boring… Double Jeopardy. Shebi eyan ni Oxlade… Ogbontarigi eshin”

See more reactions below about Oxlade on this Moyo Lawal leaked s*xtape below;

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