GWR: Hilda Baci Remains a Guinness World Record Holder in Spirit and History.

Nigerian chef Hilda Baci wants the world to know that even though she was dethroned by Irish chef Alan Fisher in the category of “longest cooking marathon (individual),” she still considers herself a Guinness World Record holder, both in spirit and in the annals of history.

In response to curious fans questioning why she removed “Guinness World Record holder” from her social media bio, Baci clarified her decision on her social media handle. She explained that she updated her bio because her predecessor, Chef Lata, had respectfully acknowledged Fisher as the new record holder by updating her own bio.

Baci went on to express her admiration for the incredible hard work displayed by her successor, Alan Fisher, who managed to cook nonstop for an astonishing 119 hours and 57 minutes, surpassing her previous record by more than 24 hours.

She stated, “Just as Chef Lata respectfully acknowledged the new record holder by updating her bio and later fine-tuning the wording, I’ve adjusted mine too. Achieving such a record is no small feat, and I know this firsthand. I have only the greatest admiration for the hard work it took for Alan to reach such heights. Sportsmanship is about recognizing progress, whether the accolade is in my bio or not. I remain a record holder in spirit and in history. Let’s celebrate achievement and the spirit of competition.”

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