‘Old Nollywood vs New Nollywood’: Gen Z Actors’ Enthusiasm Critiqued by Aki.

Chinedu Ikedieze, the veteran Nigerian actor known as Aki, has shared his perspective on the social media buzz surrounding “Old Nollywood vs. New Nollywood,” suggesting that this phrase was coined by zealous Gen Z actors striving to assert their dominance.

According to Ikedieze, these younger actors often attempt to portray themselves as “the best” and on par with “Hollywood standards.” He expressed these thoughts during the latest episode of the TeaTalk podcast, which is hosted by actress Toke Makinwa.

In his own words, Ikedieze stated, “There’s this thing now, Old Nollywood and New Nollywood. It’s absurd. I think the Gen Zs in Nollywood are trying to make it look like, ‘Oh! We’re the latest. We’re the Hollywood standards. We’re the best. We know it all.”

On the same podcast, comedian Bovi held a different view, disagreeing with Ikedieze’s assessment. Bovi expanded on his perspective, indicating that this attitude of looking down on newcomers is not exclusive to Gen Z actors but is a more widespread issue in Nigeria, particularly within the entertainment industry. He mentioned that established figures often dismiss newcomers and emphasize their seniority, creating divisions within the industry.

Bovi praised individuals like Ikedieze for their welcoming and supportive approach to newcomers, contrasting them with others who exhibit unwelcoming behavior. Bovi emphasized that the issue of seniority complexes is not limited to any specific generation, pointing out that it’s a broader concern within the world of Nollywood.

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