Inedoye’s Account of Meeting Made Kuti: From School Father to Love Story.

Inedoye, the now-wife of Made Kuti, the grandson of the legendary Afrobeats pioneer Fela Kuti, has opened up about the story of how she first crossed paths with her husband.

As reported, Made, the son of Grammy-nominated singer Femi Kuti, tied the knot with Inedoye on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

In an exclusive interview, Inedoye shared a charming anecdote about their first encounter, revealing that Made had been her “school father” during their high school years.

She explained, “We [my husband, Made, and I] met in high school. Funny story. He was my schoolfather. He was a very good schoolfather.”

Following their high school days, they lost touch for a while. Inedoye described how their paths crossed once again during her university years, saying, “We didn’t talk [again after high school] until much later, while I was in university.”

When asked about the transition from their school days to a romantic relationship, she added, “After he graduated, we became Facebook friends first. Then, from Facebook friends, he came back to Nigeria in 2018. That’s when we began dating, and here we are [laughs].”

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