Premier League Club Faces Possible 12-Point Deduction Amid Financial Fair Play Investigation

Reports are surfacing that a Premier League club is on the verge of receiving a significant 12-point deduction, potentially relegating them in the current football season. Sources suggest that Everton is set to incur this substantial penalty by the end of the week, plummeting them into the relegation zone for the 2023/2024 club football season with a mere 2 points.

While there’s no official confirmation from the Football Association, Everton has been under scrutiny for potential breaches of financial fair play laws since the commencement of the 2022/2023 season. According to The Telegraph UK, the Premier League has proposed a severe penalty for Everton, with a maximum deduction of 12 points, significantly jeopardizing the club’s standing in the relegation battle.

Presently positioned 16th in the Premier League, Everton, with just three points above the relegation zone, would drop to the 20th position with only 2 points if the suggested penalty is enforced. The club’s financial losses over the past three years have surpassed the permitted £105 million limit, reaching £304 million.

Consequently, a points deduction has been recommended by the league. In addition to potential points deduction, Everton may also face fines and/or a transfer embargo, as per the Premier League’s recommendations, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

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