Release of Luis Díaz’s Father by Kidnappers Brings Relief

Liverpool and Colombian forward Luis Díaz received a positive update, revealing that his father, who was initially abducted alongside his mother, has been released by the kidnappers.

According to local media reports, Luis Díaz’s father, who was held captive by the Colombian left-wing guerrillas ELN, regained his freedom 13 days after the kidnapping on Thursday, November 9, 2023. Diaz publicly addressed the abduction of his parents for the first time over the weekend, following his participation in Liverpool’s match against Luton.

In a heartfelt plea, Diaz stated, “This is not the player speaking. Today, I am Lucho Díaz, the son of Luis Manuel Díaz. Mane, my dad, a hardworking man and the pillar of our family, is now kidnapped. I implore ELN to release my father at the earliest. I also appeal to international organizations to intervene and ensure his freedom. Every passing second and minute heightens our concern. We are at a loss for words to describe the anguish our family is enduring, and it will persist until he is safely home. I earnestly request the immediate release of my father, with utmost respect for his integrity. I want to express gratitude to all Colombians and the international community for your support.”

Liverpool also confirmed the positive development in an official statement, saying, “We are relieved by the news of @LuisFDiaz19’s father’s safe return, and we extend our gratitude to all those involved in securing his release.”

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