Skales Explains Why Female Fans Continue to Admire Married Male Celebrities

In a recent podcast interview with Echoo Room, popular singer Skales, also known as Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, shared his perspective on why female fans don’t necessarily lose interest in married male celebrities. According to the ‘Shake Body’ crooner, gone are the days when marriage was a deterrent for female fans.

Skales pointed out that modern women no longer judge a celebrity’s attractiveness based solely on their marital status. Instead, he suggested that women now focus on how well a married celebrity treats his wife, considering it a significant factor in their admiration.

He challenged the notion that marriage diminishes a celebrity’s appeal, stating, “I don’t think it’s about the marriage anymore. Now it’s about how the married celebrity is treating his woman. If he’s treating her well, ladies are going to appreciate him even more.”

Skales also touched on the perception that women are attracted to “bad boys,” clarifying that being a bad boy doesn’t necessarily mean causing stress but rather having charisma and charm. He added, “I believe females in a way like bad boys. And all the females I know like bad boys. All the females that are my friends, they’re very calm but they like bad things. Bad boy does not necessarily mean he’s stressing you out. Bad boy is a guy who’s got game. I’m still a bad boy despite being married.”

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