Phyno and Burna Boy’s ‘Do I’ Remix Hits 1 Million Views in Just 3 Days!

Good news for Phyno and Burna Boy fans! The remix of ‘Do I’ by Phyno featuring Burna Boy has crossed a whopping 1 million views on YouTube in just three days. This is a big achievement and shows how much people are loving the song.

The music video is super lively and fun, matching the cool vibe of the song. Phyno and Burna Boy, who are big names in African music, are the stars of the video, and they look confident and full of energy.

The fact that so many people watched the video in such a short time is a big deal. It shows that the collaboration between Phyno and Burna Boy is a hit, and people can’t get enough of it.

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