Freeme Digital CEO Michael Ugwu Secures Re-Election to Merlin Board for Second Term

Michael Ugwu, the founder and CEO of Freeme Digital, has been successfully re-elected to the Merlin board for a second term. As a driving force behind Africa’s Independent Music Company, Freeme Digital, Ugwu returns to the global digital licensing agency for the independent music industry, having previously served for four years.

The recent re-election resulted in 12 board members, including Ugwu, returning for another term, while six new members joined the board, according to reports by Billboard.

In a statement to Billboard, Merlin CEO Jeremy Sirota expressed the organization’s commitment to fostering meaningful, sustainable, and value-driven member growth in the upcoming year. Merlin aims to support labels and distributors investing in artists and their unique cultural contributions, strengthening its network and enriching the global music landscape.

Expressing gratitude for his re-election, Michael Ugwu stated, “I am thrilled to continue representing independent African labels & distributors who choose to leverage Merlin’s unparalleled access to global digital music markets. At Freeme Music, we’re dedicated to showcasing Africa’s rich musical heritage. My core objective is to continue to amplify Afrobeats’ presence worldwide, ensuring fair and wider distribution for African music companies. This journey with Merlin reinforces our commitment to bringing African music to every corner of the globe.”

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