UK to Implement Mandatory English Tests for Migrant Graduates

The UK government has announced plans to introduce mandatory annual English tests for migrant graduates who enter the country through the Graduate Route. This new requirement aims to ensure that only highly skilled individuals remain in the UK.

Key Points of the New Policy:

  • Mandatory English Tests: Migrant graduates will need to pass an English test every year to continue their stay in the UK under the Graduate Route, which currently allows foreign students to work for two years after graduation.
  • Impact on Universities and Colleges: Institutions with high dropout rates will be penalized by losing their ability to recruit international students.
  • Targeting Misleading Recruitment: The Home Office will crack down on recruiting agents who deceive foreign students into abandoning their degrees for low-paying jobs, often below minimum wage.
  • Tighter Immigration Rules: This initiative is part of a broader strategy to strengthen immigration controls, ensuring that the UK retains only the best and brightest talent.
  • Quality of Postgraduate Courses: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to restrict British universities from offering low-quality postgraduate courses to foreign students, addressing concerns that these programs are being used as an easy route into the UK.

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