“I Couldn’t Keep the Money; It’s Not Mine. I’m a Child of God,” Says Nigerian Giveaway Winner Who Refunded Crypto Trader

In a remarkable display of honesty, a Nigerian giveaway winner refunded a crypto trader after receiving $14,000 (100 SOL) instead of the intended $100. The incident has garnered widespread attention and praise on social media.

The winner, whose identity remains undisclosed, shared their reason for returning the mistakenly sent amount: “I couldn’t keep the money; it’s not mine. I’m a child of God.” This act of integrity has resonated with many, highlighting the importance of ethical behavior even in unexpected situations.

The crypto trader, who had inadvertently sent the substantial sum, expressed immense gratitude upon the return of the funds. The story serves as a heartwarming reminder of the values of honesty and faithfulness, inspiring many across the globe.

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