Gov Ambode On A Demolition Spree? (See Photos)

Gov Ambode On A Demolition Spree? (See Photos)

This is definitely so heart breaking to wake up to….

.. As I write this , I’m crying and my family is in a state of confusion. This morning being the 29th day of December, we were just at home when suddenly we heard screams downstairs , we went there we were met by police men who ordered us to leave the building within 20mins that Ambode ordered the demolition of the path, we thought it was a joke till the caterpillars all came and stated breaking down buildings.

It was like a movie, we had to rush and pack somethings, the harassment and embarrassment was too much. It wasn’t funny, I was crying, we were all in disarray. This hard period, this festive period and Ambode had to give such orders, no notice, nothing at all..

My heart is heavy cause I dunno how this celebration will be and most of our funds are for our shops and schooling, the Lord is our strength. This is the worst Christmas ever, can’t believe it even happened.Please if you live in Ebute metta ,especially from Oyingbo towards costain , Please start thinking of moving from there, because the orders to demolish may reach those sides….

See Photos:

I dont want to believe that the people who did this did not send out a demolition notice……This is so wrong!!
Gov Ambode will order that houses be demolished in these hard times without resettling these people somewhere temporary?

This is wickedness in every sense of the word….These politicians only act like human begins when election time is near…..This is change indeed!!!

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