Senate Erupts in Chaos Over Abdul Ningi’s Budget Padding Allegations

A tumultuous session unfolded in the Senate on Tuesday, March 12, as lawmakers pressed Senator Abdul Ningi for clarification on his assertions regarding the 2024 budget.

Earlier reports indicated that Senator Ningi, in an interview, accused the National Assembly of budget padding, alleging the existence of two appropriation acts. In today’s plenary, senators demanded answers from Ningi, prompting an impassioned call from Senator Olamilekan Adeola for an open session.

Senators Adeola and Joel-Onowakpo Thomas moved a motion to investigate the matter, condemning Ningi’s comments as presumptuous and an attempt to incite the public against the National Assembly. Senator Adamu Aliero urged a fair hearing for Ningi to present his side.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio expressed concern about the damage to the Senate’s integrity, calling for a repair through speech. Ningi clarified during his turn, denying ever saying the 2024 budget was padded and labeling the translation of the interview as “fake.”

“I have never said somebody was blinded. Secondly, I have never said the budget was padded,” Ningi, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senator, emphasized, distancing himself from the purported document circulating.

He urged the Senate to acknowledge that the document was fake and emphasized his non-involvement in such statements.

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