World′s Most Expensive′ Vodka Bottle Worth $1.3 million Has Been Found

World′s Most Expensive′ Vodka Bottle Worth $1.3 million Has Been Found

A high-end bottle of vodka that was stolen from a Copenhagen bar has been found at a construction site. The gold and diamond-encrusted bottle was found intact, save for one thing — all of the vodka was missing.

A gold and silver bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka (picture-alliance/Scanpix/B. Ingberg)

Made from three kilograms (6.6 pounds) of white and yellow gold, three kilograms of silver and crowned with a diamond-encrusted replica of the Russian Imperial Eagle on its cap, it is believed to be worth $1.3 million (€1.07 million). Police in Copenhagen said the rare bottle was found at a construction site and thanked “a member of the public” for reporting the missing bottle, which is now being analyzed. The bottle appeared to have suffered little damage, but it was drained of its Russo-Baltique vodka

The Danish vodka collector and the owner of Cafe 33 where the bottle was stolen said he was relieved the expensive bottle had been safely recovered. He said the missing vodka would be refilled into the bottle from what they had left…. He told the tabloid he believed the thieves left the bottle behind when they realized how difficult it would be to sell.

The bottle, which made an appearance in the political TV drama “House of Cards,” was on loan from a Russian businessman.

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