Terrified Corps Member Says Their Lives Are In Danger

Terrified NYSC Member Says Their Lives Are In Danger

If you have a ward, friend or family in the Northern areas of Nigeria doing their NYSC, as you read this might just be the time to call them back home!..

The Corps member sent this;

Please hide my identity. I am a serving Corp member in Jos where the crisis is going on and truth is, we don’t feel safe here anymore. Some corpers ran to the lodge for safety only to be sent away by NYSC officials.

Their reason for sending them away is that they don’t have mattresses for them to lay on and that the only way they can get mattresses is for them to pay soldiers money to go get mattresses at NYSC permanent camp located at Mangu local government and they don’t even have money to pay soldiers to do any of that.

This people are always looking for every opportunity to extort us but now it’s time to protect us and they can’t.

Stella, clarion call is not by force. If they can’t protect us then they should allow us go back to our homes.

Besides until government can find a lasting solution to the crisis in the north, NYSC SHOULD BE SCRAPED.
I am terrified right now”.

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