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Everything has gone digital to make life easier. So if you can meet a large number of people digitally then you have solved a problem. This is same reason behind the birth of Nigeria’s number one online dating platform ” “. - New Nigeria online dating platform.

Two b one is an online community of Nigeria’s singles looking to find true and compatible partners for a life time of fruitful relationship. It’s a platform built to meet your relationship needs, matching you with a suitable partner based more on percentage of compatibility rather than love.

Yes, compatibility; because a large number of research have proven that compatibility amongst couples leads to a lasting relationship than one built on just love.

Another beautiful package aside the need to meet the perfect choice is the relationship counseling service package. You are not only given the opportunity to meet your right partner but also an opportunity to be counseled by professional relationship counselors, helping you make meaning to your relationship. The counseling services include live chat, email service and live calls at an overly affordable cost.

Two b one guarantees you security and assurance in getting that relationship goal. So if you are still a single Nigerian or a couple needing relationship counseling your answer is right here.

You can join our platform by logging on to You can also follow us on our social media handles

Instagram:  @two_b_one

Twitter: @twoboneng

FaceBook: two-b-one

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