“I am the first Comedian to feature his Father & Son in Comedy” – Lagos Comedian


“I shoot six skits in a day”, hilarious Nigerian Stand-up Comedian, Chidi Uzoma popularly called Baba De Baba by fans told Paul Trend how he continues to feature little son and father in Comedy skits and shows. Charging his contemporaries of not producing original jokes…

Fasten your belt, relax and enjoy the conversation;

1) Your stage name echoes combination of two distinctive languages, how did you come about that?
My stage name was actually a nickname given to me by my mother.
My mother gave all of us nicknames including my dad and she loved seeing me acting drama in church because she wanted me to be an entertainer but she died before I became a Standup Comedian, so I decided to use Baba De Baba in my mother’s memory.

2) How was growing up like for you, did you live out of your comfort zone?

I never had a comfort zone. I was born into a poor home and I have been hustling till now, hoping that God will change my story.

3) Being a very funny Standup-Comedian, Akpororo says he listens to mad people on the Street for inspirations, what are your triggering points?

I grew up having reasons to be unhappy but I chose to be happy by mocking my problems and playing with my problems makes me relief.

So I get inspired by my problems. In fact, I write more jokes when I go through challenges.

4) Your facial expression alone amuses audiences, is there any challenge you have faced in the Comedy industry?

My major challenge now is that I want to blow but not by all means. Hahahaha

5) You have just received a standing award, how did you welcome it?

I am one of the most creative comedians in my generation and I am the most original comedian in my generation but I have not been officially recognized or appreciated because our people do not really place value on originality and creativity so I feel excited being recognized by Naija Gal Entertainment for giving me the award of the BEST VERSATILE COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR as at last edition of MASS AWARD.

6) Making an edge in the ministry, you have been a Comedian who features little son on skits and shows, can you tell us about this innovation?

I am the first comedian to feature his father and son in comedy skits.

Featuring my father or my son in skits or stage has got nothing to do with them being comedians but me being a standup comedian and a master storyteller.

I think fans out there deserve to see more of we comedians apart from the regular jokes we do in our comfort zone that was why I featured my son and my dad.

Normally I shoot six skits in a day but the skit I did with Daniel (my son) took me two days to shoot. It was time and money consuming but I had to do it for my fans.

7) Would that of DanielComedian and Baba De Baba be the case of, like father like son?

I just did that because I wanted to show that a comedian can be hard working. So I do not take him on stage regularly because it is not easy to rehearse with him.

8) Despite the lingering economic recession in the country, what has been your biggest hit so far?

My brother I never get any hit o.. Hahahaha

9) Your fans are always expectants of your comic creativity! Tell us about the mind-blowing project at hand!

Daniel is a big project I am working on and I am also working on my standup comedy show.

10) Understanding the competiveness of the ministry encamped with new talents on the Streets, what destination do you see Nigerian Comedy Industry going?

There is no serious competition because most of the guys out there do not have original jokes..
The truth is that, our industry is fast growing and there are various means of making money from the same comedy which was not so before now.

11) What joke do you have for your fans?

Hahahaah.. Let them go to my YouTube channel and watch my videos.

12) In signing out, what message do you have for Nigeria at large?

Nigeria is one and we are not going to separate!


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