Pastor Caught With Ghana-Must-Go Containing Female Pants And Bra

Religion they say is free but under sacrifice. The big question now remains, “What mode of sacrifice? Many disguise under the name of ministrations.

Cases relating to girl child’s underwears is now alarming as it uncovers everyday. This time around news reported a self-acclaimed pastor who was caught on Wednesday with a bag containing female pants and bra in Auchi, Edo state.

OGKViralsĀ  gatheredĀ  that the so-called pastor was accosted by members of the state vigilante who questioned the content of his bag (a Ghana Must Go bag).

Suspected pastor is said to be known going about preaching in the mornings, but unluckily for him this time he was caught after a search carried out showed the bag contained different types of female pants and bra. He was taken to his church where more pants and bra were discovered.

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