Meet Emerging Producer “KULBOY” Who Kills Shaku-Shaku With Motivating Sounds

Music is regarded as in art form, created by organizing of pitch, rhythm and sounds made using musical instruments and sometimes singing.Its uniqueness is triggered by good productions.

In an exclusive interview with emerging music producer, Erhabor Zeal with the signature, Kulboy, revealed to (Paul Trend) his hatred for Shaku Shaku and Zanku Legwork, saying 80 percent of Nigerian music lack good contents.  

“I never liked Shaku Shaku stuffs!”

This in a review to look at the magic, how his recent sounds and productions took over the industry lately 2018 now cutting across 2019. Fasten your belt, relax and enjoy (Exclusive on

1) Let your fans get to know you more.
I am Erhabor Zeal popularly known as Kulboy, a/an producer/artist. I am from Effurun local government in Delta State.

2) As a music producer, when did you start professionally in the Music Industry?
Started singing since when I was 11, then ventured into music production at my 18years and since then I have been like that up till date. When I was 18, I was just trying to master my krafts but officially started in 2010, Warri, Delta State.

3) Nigerian Music Industry in 2018 was changed by your killer tunes from (Motivation~Erigga//VictorAd to 4Ward Eva~SlizeboyAbility//Erigga to Tire You~VictorAd//Davido) now still counting. What is your take on this?
My brother it is the Lord’s doing, I never imagined myself going big this big but I have always believed and keep stead fast. Moved into Lagos with faith and also I have always believed my sound is unique so now with the grace of God I am going and higher everyday.

4) Music is said to be dynamic, this you have achieved as a producer in changing the vibes from Shaku Shaku which almost ruined many waists to evergreen motivating sounds and productions. Did you see this coming?
😂😂😂🤣! I never liked Shaku Shaku stuffs! Even if I liked it and had clients that wanted to do that sound, trust me I am Kulboy, I will make mine outstanding with my unique sounds.

5) Despite the reign of Zanku Legwork, alot of upcoming and well known artistes now switch back to songs full of intriguing messages. How do you feel seeing the changes?
I feel great because that is what I have always wanted in Nigerian music, banging beats with good stories. Unfortunately, 80 percent lack good contents in which we all hear and know. Sometimes is not about we making beats for artist, still bring better concepts.

6) Seeing you during studio sessions cooking afresh is like being in the moon due to the melodies, how do you derive your inspirations?
It is from God! Well, many other producers get their inspiration maybe from drinking and smoking to get high so that they can be able to lay down some cords, but me, I go on a natural vibe with non-drinking or smoking thinking beyond the physical and how to apply my sounds.

Before an artist sings his or her chorus tone just once, I already got the vibe, so in general, I get my quick inspirations from GOD.

7) Indeed, you are known to be a creative music producer. Scaling from Top-5, who are the best artistes you have ever enjoyed productions with?
Victor Ad, Davido, Slizeboy Ability

8) How did you derive the name “Kulboy” or did you just wake up with the tag?
It goes with my personality, I do not drink neither do I smoke. I have been bearing other names in my secondary school days but none really fits in.

The name Kulboy was gotten from a foreign movie, when the actor calls himself Coolboy and when I saw the cool reactions from People’s faces then I quickly adopted the name from jss3. That is how it got stocked.

9) As a man and an entertainer precisely. You do not drink, neither do you smoke, how do you relax and flex?
Smoking and drinking are not flexing, they are leisure hours. You can go out to the beach, eating chicken and chips etc, watch movies.

10) If you were not Kulboy as a music producer, who would you have been?
An Engineer!

11) What big project(s) are you working on to hit the hearts of your fans and clients in the entire entertainment industry?
Couldn’t really bust it out for now, you all just wait and see it coming. Thank you.

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