Every Gist From The Live Eviction Show On Sunday

#BBNaija – Every Gist From The Live Eviction Show On Sunday

The Live eviction show held on Sunday saw nobody leaving the house. Read below on highlights!

Ebuka gave a brief recap of the events in the house in the last week and the show was opened by FireBoy DML with his hit singles “What If I Say” and “Jealous”.

Ebuka asked some housemates questions.

In response to the question on the fights in the house, Seyi said there were a lot of tantrums and it’s fine if people express their tantrums. He also stated Omashola was on top of the shouting in the house and the fight between Joe and Tacha was one of the dramas the house experienced in the past week.

In response to the question of Diane’s involvement in some of the fights that occurred in the house in the last week and on the issue of weak links that led into an heated argument after the Friday Arena games when Omashola said team Cruisetophia had weak links, she said each person has their unique attributes and she hates when people are looked down upon, hence the reason for her outburst. She also mentioned that Omashola rendered an apology through Seyi and that’s fine by her.

The egg fight

Esther she said it was just an egg she had in her possession and she wasn’t in the habit of hiding food. She further stated that she just happened to have one egg which Sir Dee needed to make a toast for her. Ebuka asked if she understood Omashola’s context but she said she didn’t because his outburst was because she refused to share that particular egg with him and she couldn’t understand the reason why he had to mention poverty mentality during the brawl.

On the new housemates

Mercy said that her initial reaction to the new housemates was because she expecting people to be leaving the game and not coming in. She said she’s seen them in a different light now and created a bond with most of them.

Ebuka Spoke about the new additions to the house:

Venita in response to the question on if some housemates have changed the way they relate with her since the initial reception, she said Omashola has changed to her based on certain circumstances. She said Frodd was really lonely and wanted the company and after he had gotten the attention he needed somewhere else, he stopped relating with her as he did when she just got in. She said she was disappointed but not surprised. She also said that if she had been watching the game a few days before she got in, she wouldn’t have fallen or gotten into the mix of things with Frodd. She also stated that she’s now focused on herself and the game.

Elozonam in response to the question on if anything surprised him when he got into in the house, he said he’s not easily surprised and he has just gotten a feel of how people behave when act when certain stakes are high. He mentioned that he’s connected with Diane, Tacha, Venita, Omashola, Mike and Seyi.

Enkay in response to the question on how she feels about the other housemates, she said a lot of them are cool, others try to be cool towards her. Ebuka asked if there is anybody that isn’t cool towards her and she replied that she preferred not to say anything.

Joe in response to the question on if he’s truly sarcastic or if it’s a strategy, he said that’s how he truly is and if it’s works as a strategy, that’s good for him. He also said he doesn’t care if his sarcastic nature is good or bad, in as much as it gives him what he wants, he’s fine with that.

Cindy In response to the question on how she was received by the housemates, said she didn’t notice housemates were cold to her as she just finished making Indomie and hugged only those who were receptive towards her.

Joeboy performed his hit single “Baby”.

The winning team of the OPPO Runway show is Team Enkay consisting of Enkay, Elozonam, Mike and Jackye. They won 1 Million naira as a team and an OPPP F11 Pro each to be gifted to their preferred loved one outside the house.

Ebuka returned to the house to have a chat with the lovers and others in a love triangle.

On Venita saying he was disappointed in him, Frodd maintained that if surprise and disappointed is what sticking to his heart feels like, then he’s fine with it. He mentioned that Esther apologized and he’s back to being friends with her.

On his friendship with Venita, Omashola said he liked her because she’s from Warri and they both have crazy personalities and clicked immediately she got in the house. He said the first reason he distanced himself from her was because she made her choice by choosing Frodd over him. He also said another reason he stopped relating with her was because when he was wrongly accused, she was one of the instigators and he didn’t like that she couldn’t speak to him first before taking sides with others.

Victor AD performed “Tire you” and his hit single “Wetin we gain”.

Ebuka also announced that Munch It announced that Team Talo (Tacha and Talo) were runners up and had won for themselves 1 Million Naira consolation prize.

A clip was also shown to the defaulting housemates of the Munch It Puzzle Challenge who were felt that were wrongly accused and exempted from participating in the Veto Power Challenge and Head of House Challenge. The clip showed that the defaulting housemates went into the room contrary to Big Brother’s instruction not to do so after the task brief was read.

Ebuka ended The Live Show by saying that Big Brother sees everything and going forward, Big Brother would be taking infringements seriously as it is Big Brother’s house and his rules have to be taken seriously.


The housemates all had diary sessions in preparation for the eviction show.

General questions Biggie asked the housemates:

How the housemate feels?
How the housemate thinks other’s perceive them?
Who the housemate think he/she is?
If Big brother tells them a secret and they had to tell one person, who would it be?
What behaviors the housemate find upsetting in the house?
If the housemate had anything to tell Big Brother.

Frodd is concerned and uncertain about today’s eviction. He described himself as a diamond in the dirt waiting to be discovered. On how he is perceived, he feels some see him as competition while others see him as annoying or manipulative. He mentioned that he’s generally misunderstood because he is not a pretender. He also dislikes when the housemates cook in sets in the house and gossip. He also doesn’t like sarcastic people like Joe who tend to be annoying. He sought biggie’s opinion on striking a balance between Venita and Esther. He claimed to have a chemistry with Venita but then Esther came back. He says he is here for the money.

Biggie advised that he speak to both parties and figure out who responds to his interest.

Enkay said that she is tired but feels good and hopeful. On upsetting attitudes, she says that she hates the shouting over little things, she can’t stand people who poke to get reactions and people who hide food items. On who she will tell a secret, she mentioned Jackye because she doesn’t talk much.

Elozonam on upsetting behaviors in the house said that Enkay is unnecessarily rude and condescending to people. He said he noticed that behavior especially to Cindy when they were working on a task. He also said Omashola is cool but he tends to be impulsive and gets carried away easily. In response to Biggie’s question of who he would tell a secret if he had to, he mentioned Gedoni because he thinks Gedoni respects people and intentions.

Sir Dee said the rest of the housemates do not really understand him. They perceive him as being too nice. He feels he has different sides and doesn’t hold grudges . Sir Dee mentioned that if he had to tell a secret, he would tell Tacha because first of all he thinks they have a funny relationship and secondly, because he has a certain level of respect for him. He also thinks she’ll tell him a secret if she had to pick one person to share a secret with. He said the most irritating behavior in the house is Omashola’s because of his impulsive reaction to events which he has spoken to him about. He also found Ike’s attitude during last Friday’s arena game upsetting.

Khafi said she doesn’t feel good because she was accused of something she didn’t do and when she tried explaining herself, Gedoni didn’t believe her. To her, she values trust and integrity and she didn’t like the fact that Gedoni didn’t take her word for it. She thinks she’s somebody who puts people first , jovial, caring, happy, nice, inquisitive but from last week’s grouping, her team mates mentioned that she’s too opinionated and likes to have her way. She also said that she believes people see her as happy and she just wants to share her happiness.

Tacha said she would tell her secret to Sir Dee if she had to share her secret . Her reason is that he did something remarkable on Saturday. She said she’s shared some stuff with him and she’s not heard it from any other person. She said she doesn’t know how she’s perceived but she thinks everyone is happy with the Tacha they’ve seen. On describing herself, she said she’s black, bold and strong. She said she’s strong self dependent, strong and spontaneous. She said the kitchen upsets her as it’s always untidy and the coffee drinkers don’t clean up properly. She requested for anti-biotics as she woke up with a swollen eyes.

Omashola on how he feels mentioned that he woke up excited but his mood changed when he found out his team “Iconic” couldn’t shop for the week. The loss of his badge also contributed to his mood swing. On who he is, Omashola mentioned that he’s just a regular person. On housemates perception of him, he thinks they find him offensive especially because of the fight with Frodd over food (egg) on Friday. He also believes other thinks he’s a talkative and are threatened by his loudness. On who he’ll share a secret with, he would tell Tacha because she’s keeps things to herself, then he might also tell Mike, then Jackye. On upsetting behaviors in the house, he hates the hiding of food by some housemates. He asked Biggie if he could donate the 50k he won from the Munch It Challenge on Friday to orphans and some clothes but Biggie told him to hold on to it for now.

Cindy said she feels good despite getting a little drunk at the party last night. She believes the housemates are beginning to understand her. She said she might look gentle, but she can be loud when she wants to. She thinks she’s a lot of things. She thinks she fun, playful, doesn’t take things seriously, very creative, very spontaneous, free-spirited. She said her looks are deceiving and she can get wild when she wants to. On who she’ll share a secret with, she would tell Khafi because she likes her and likes being around her. She believes they have a lot of things in common and would definitely hit her up outside the house. She doesn’t know if Khafi would keep the secret but she’ll tell her. On upsetting behaviors, she finds hiding of food by some housemates petty. What upsets her is when people get into her personal space or try to undermine her person. She found Omashola calling her “woman” disrespectful and she still thinks his ideas for the Munch It Challenge were ridiculous. She said if she had to pick a teammate next time, she would pick someone else. She also said it would be nice if Biggie announces the runner up for the Munch It challenge.

Ike on how he feels, said he feels positive, regretfully of how he behaved during Friday Arena games and guilty. On who he thinks he is, he is Ike, an housemate, on the red team and a model. He thinks he is perceived as joker and in a positive light. He said they might be times he’s been seen in a negative light because of some of his outbursts in the past 6 weeks. On upsetting behaviors, he hates that people hide small things like food and drinks. He hates that people use try to use authority that they don’t have. On who he’ll share a secret with, he said it depends on the nature on the secret. He feels he’ll tell either Mercy or Tacha because they can hold secrets pretty well. He apologized for his behavior on Friday and asked for antibiotics for his inflammation and a lighter.

Venita has felt all sorts this week and is trying to put herself in check. She said she’s trying to calm down because Khafi got on her nerves earlier in the day. On upsetting behavior patterns, she doesn’t like when people hide food and when people can’t keep to their word. She hates when people put her in the middle of their drama. On who she thinks she is, she’s Venita, she’s considerable and more seasoned that everyone in the house in terms of experience and exposure. She’s not sure how she’s perceived. She’s not insecure so she’s not asked others how they feel about her. She feels there are people that gravitate towards her and there are others who don’t. On who she’ll share a secret with, she’ll tell Enkay because she can keep secret. She thinks if she tells Mercy, she’ll tell Ike who can’t keep a secret to save his life. Everyone has a gossip partner except Enkay. She requested for Chocolate and a washing machine.

Diane feels fine, okay and happy. On who she’ll share a secret with, she mentioned Mercy because she’s the closest to her in the house and she likes her as a friend. They are friends too. On upsetting behaviors, she finds Omashola’s shouting irritating. She thinks she’s a strong person and she brings out the best in herself regardless of the situation. On how she’s perceived, she believes they see her as someone that has something under her sleeves and her innocent look is just a facade to her real character.

Mike said he feels good, cleaned the house and had a heart to heart with Jackye. He said it doesn’t feel like a Sunday when he’s usually packing his bags. On upsetting behaviors, the belief by some housemates that they are superior to others because of their privilege annoy him. He also mentioned that this attitude comes to play when some housemates have the HOH badge on. On other’s perception of him, he feels he’s perceived as human. He feels they think he’s a perfect guy that doesn’t get angry. He also thinks they see him as funny and unserious so they don’t take him seriously at times. On who he’ll share a secret with, he’ll tell Ike because he can trust him with certain information.

Esther finds the shouting in the house upsetting. She stated that she also had her share of shouting in the past week. She also hates that people have to be told to clean up after themselves after eating and in their use of the kitchen. She feels she’s perceived as sarcastic. On who she think she is, she’s Esther and very blunt. She doesn’t like to sugarcoat things. On who she’ll share a secret with, she would tell Diane or Sir Dee. She picked them because they can keep secrets.

Seyi feels good and nice. On housemates’ perception of him, he thinks they perceive him as playful and serious. He thinks he’s a great guy. On who he’ll share a secret with, he’ll tell Gedoni because he’s calm, mysterious and looks like he knows how to keep a secret. On upsetting behavior patterns, he hates Frodd’s lack of wanting to be corrected, Khafi’s attitude of wanting to be the center of attraction, Venita’s constant yapping, Tacha’s entitlements, Enkay thinking she’s smart and trying to avoid chores delegated to her, Mike’s over jesting and Omashola’s volume and constant shouting.

Mercy feels good, happy and excited. She mentioned that she didn’t see the MunchIt Challenge win coming. On how she’s perceived, she thinks she seen as a competition, nice but crazy at times. She sees herself as a winner with or without the prize money. On upsetting behaviors, she hates shouting unnecessarily, nagging and proud people. On who she’ll share a secret with, she’ll tell Ike because she thinks he’s the only one that has her interest and would be genuinely protect her. She thanked the Munch It family for the prize money.

Gedoni feels good and a lot better than he did in his last diary session. On who he’ll share a secret with,, he would tell Khafi but he’s not sure she’s very good at keeping secrets. So he’ll tell her not to tell anybody. On how he’s perceived, he said Seyi told him at the beginning of the game that he’s not properly maximizing himself. On upsetting behavior patterns, he hates the unnecessary yelling, when people fail to clean up after themselves and those that try to claim territories in the house.

Joe doesn’t feel too good as a result of the back pain he has. On irritating behavior patterns, he hates that some housemates act like they are better than others. On how he’s perceived, the feels he’s seen as a pest and troublesome. On who he’ll share a secret with, he didn’t pick anybody to share the secret with.

Jackye feels chilled unlike previous Sundays that had so much tension. On how she thinks she’s perceived, she feels they think she’s the leader of the pack when it’s come to females, especially when it comes to tasks. She thinks their opinion of her has been positive. On who she’ll share a secret with, she’ll tell Mike because he’s the closest to her in the house and he understands her more than any other person. Also, because he knows when to be playful and serious.

Jeff Who was evicted last week from the house gave out his 290 coins to the following housemates:

Diane – 100
Jackye – 20
Tacha – 20
Esther – 50
Mercy – 50
Sir Dee – 50

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