Study Impact to Recuse Nigerian Student From Been Broke, Gives Loan and Jobs

Study Impact to Recuse Student’s Financial Crisis, Gives Loan and Jobs

Hurray! This “Study Impact” is a good news to every Nigerian student how has not been able to secure any scholarship and also struggling with financial crisis. Read below to get informed about everything you need to know about this amazing opportunity.


Study Impact has alot more to showcase to students which includes the offer of counseling services to students feeling isolated and depressed to enable them feel better and get out of crisis [suicidal thoughts], which should improve student performance and reduced rate of suicide from Educational Trauma.

Below are also few highlights of what to know about study impact;

– Students will be entitled to get loan with no interest rate, no collateral and get up to a year for loan repayment. T&C applied.

– Flexible part time jobs will be provided for both full time / part-time student.

– Students will get financial and emotional support in achieving personal goals i.e talents, businesses or getting a high paying job in respective field.

– Students with outstanding results will be rewarded with fantastic prizes.

– Students will enjoy lot of exciting prizes like android phones, iphones, ipads, laptops, and cash up to a million naira for academically motivations.

– Vocational trainings will be available to interested students.

– Fresh graduates ready to enter the job market are provided with high paying jobs.

How to apply:

Visit : Study Impact (Click Here) , register to become a member to enjoy all these magnificent benefits above.

Upload your institution admission letter (compulsory).

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Study Impact Is Applicable to only Nigerian Students.

Now that you know about this amazing news don’t keep this good news to yourself alone share to every student you know, your sister, brother, friend, neighbor, all your contact , so they don’t miss out on this life time opportunity.

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