Tips To Getting Radio Interviews As An Artist.

It is a really good thing for an artiste or musician to get radio interviews, because it is a strong marketing power that can help bring exposure to your music.

If you want to learn how to actually get interviews on radio stations on radio stations in Nigeria, then this piece is for you.


The radio is still one of the few forms of media that helps you get immediate widespread exposure for your music. Being interviewed on radio has a way of adding credibility to your work.

Before getting booked for an interview session, you could start out by first sending your music to radio stations first. In addition to this you can definitely reach out to DJ’s, show producers and most importantly a good music promoter personally and get them to hear your music.

You can read about the role of music promoters in your music career here

For an upcoming artist this might not end well as your music might either not get heard or not get played on radio. But if you make good music and have a good music promoter to help you target to the right station then you will get some success. Once the radio station love your music, then it’s a good time to follow up and request an interview.


As long as you are working with a good music promoter, then booking your interview might be much easier. As it can be hard to convince radio stations that you want to book an interview, if you don’t have the help of a music promoter to assist you.

There are some effective ways to get a radio interview, consider the following:

  1. Hire a Good Radio/Music Promoter: A lot of artists are not wired to network or connect with this media personnel. Thus this is where the role of a music promoter comes to play. As a promoter cannot only book interviews for you, they will also help organise your schedule perfectly. Some interviews might still fall through even when you’re working with a promoter. But in the time that you can book your first interview a music promoter can probably get you 10. Of course a music promoter will cause you some money to hire, but they are definitely needed.
  2. Build Your Presence On Social Media: Setting a strong presence on social media can help you build your interview portfolio, and can possibly set you up for more interviews. Once you can get enough exposure through these medium, even radio stations might contact you first.
  3. Do Something Extraordinary: Doing something exceptional as an artist can set you up for your first interview. It could be a social campaign, SDG campaign, your E.P or album launch, or when doing a tour. On most days the media are short of contents, and are just looking for just anything of interest to report on.

Making contacts is often the hardest part when it comes to booking radio interviews. Even though it can be a lot of work, it can be worth it.

Remember “When words fail , music speaks – bring your music to life”

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