Breakdowns of 14 New Cases of Coronavirus that was announced in Nigeria

This night, 14 new cases of Coronavirus has been announces in Nigeria by NCDC, here is the brakedown.

Out of the cases we had before, three people have been discharged.

According to NCDCgov 3 persons have now recovered from the deadly COVIDー19 pandemic, and have been discharged.

However, 14 new cases were discovered today. 12 in Lagos and 2 in Abuja.

1 person in Abuja.

1 person in Bauchi State.

12 in Lagos State

Out of this 14 peoples, 6 were detected on a vessel, which mean my be they have exposed to the ship that came in from the infected country, 3 of them are returning travellers from infected country to Nigeria and other 2 are the close contact to the confirmed cases.

With this 14 cases l, the total confirmed cases are 65 people, Total discharged are 3 and death.

Please let continue maintaining our social distance and keep sanitizing our hands.

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