Opinion: Did Lagos Make History With The First Virtual Meeting

It was an exciting moment when the Lagos State Executive Council (EXCO) had the first-ever virtual meeting in the state making it the first of its kind in the federation.

The meeting that was held on the 30th of March 2020 was in compliance with the directive against gatherings as part of the measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus which has affected the state in great number so far. The meeting which had the Governor, Sanwo-Olu, Deputy, DR. Kadri, Commissioner of Information, Omotoso and other executive council members was slated for 10:45am as the agenda was to review of the management of the Coronavirus pandemic. At 10:00am all members of the EXCO meeting were all hooked up waiting for the Governor to kick start the meeting as Governor Sanwo-Olu came online at around 11:05am.

“Can you hear me?” “Can you see me?” “I am here” “waving of hands” were the first words and actions from the EXCO’s who were filled with excitement before the arrival of the governor.

The idea of the meeting was made by the Governor who directed the Ministry of Science and Technology to facilitate the software for a successful meeting. This is a good one from Lagos as this should encourage other states to make sure a move as important meetings are to be held in other to curb the present pandemic. Lagos State still holds record of the highest number of Coronvirus cases so far in the country as reported by NCDC.

Strict measures are being taken by various state governments to insure the affected cases does not increase as no vaccine or cure has been made available for the virus which has put the world on a stand still.

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