Pastor Oritsejafor: God Will Punish Those That Donated Money To Buhari’s Government!!

A Nigerian Pastor Kassy Chukwu Oritsejafor, Senior Pastor of Peniel of God’s Power int’l Ministry Benin city, Edo state, on a Sunday service expresses disapproval as Nigerian Banks and Billionaires donates money to Federal Government over Coronavirus Pandemic instead of giving it to the Poor and Needy.

The visible angry pastor rained curses on all those that donated money, asks them to go and collect it back “where are all the Money that EFCC Recovered?”

He said:“The world has entered the church and the church has gone back to the world, What am i saying? you are banking in first Bank, first Bank donated Billions to federal Govt, UBA donated Billions to Federal Govt, same as other banks, and we that are banking with them, they could not give us even N5,000.

“You are Giving to Government, where are all the money that they took from Abacha?“Where are all the money that crime wars Recovered?“Where are all the money that EFCC Recovered? Behaveooo !“And Tomorrow they will come and tell me to put my money in their stupid Bank, God will punish you and your GM. He cursed Banks.

“Any Nigerian that donated Money to Federal Government go and Collect it ooo, your good will kill you. He further went on his kneels and prayed “If you gave money to Federal Government, That your Money will Kill you, That your company close !! He declared.

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