Story of A Survivor: “Doctor Said I Will Never Walk Normal Again, Now Look At Me”

When God is not yet done with you, nothing can touch you neither will any form of sickness or accident stop the plan of God in your life. According to a Social Media User (Twitter), Blessing Dike, she narrated how she had an accident and was the only survivor and was told by doctors that she won’t be able to walk properly with her leg again more.

“Had an accident in 2016, I was the only survivor, right leg was badly damaged, it was almost amputated. Doctors said I will never be able to walk normal again, no shoes or sandals only slippers. Look at me now. OLUWATOBILOBA!!! Forever grateful” Blessing tweeted.

You can choose to believe whatever people say to you or you can make a name for yourself by believing in you. Blessing is a true story of believing in God and also in yourself.

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