Post Lockdown Disaster: Family Survives Fire Outbreak!!

A Facebook user with user name Ho Ma, has taken to a group platform to inform her friends how their house caught fire leaving various part of the building unrecognizable after the fire outbreak. The source of the fire is still unknown but she acknowledged her father was in the fire but came out alive.

“My lovely brothers and sisters, help me thank this God, Jehovah nisi, the only wise God. Devil came to destroy but God has the final say.

My father was in the fire, he came out alive and sustained an injury” she wrote.

She also informed her friends that all their food stuffs, fridge and kitchen was burnt without recognition.

“In this bad time, my house got burnt all our food stuffs are burnt fridge. Wall tiles are falling, house plastering is removing, the iron used is showing.”

Here are pictures of the burnt kitchen she shared:

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