Black Boy Falls From A Building, Ignites Racism Protest In Brazil.

Brazilians stormed the streets in a racism protest for a five-year-old black boy, Miguel da Silva who fell from the ninth story of a building on Tuesday.

Miguel’s mother, a maid, had entrusted him to her white employer, while she took the family dog for a walk.

According to media reports, a footage played on a security camera shows the white woman interacting with the boy as he stands inside the service elevator, then pushing the button for the top floor and leaving him inside alone.

Later on the five-year-old after exiting the elevator the boy climbed through a window, up a balcony railing and fell to his death.

The death of the black boy sparked up a riot by Brazilians across the country, as they raised a protest against racism.

Wearing face masks against the coronavirus pandemic and T-shirts with the boy’s picture, the protesters marched from the court of justice to the building where he died.

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