Mixed Reactions As Daddy Freeze Claims King James Bible Is A Modern Slave Book

Growing up, King James Version of the Holy Bible was the most used Bible in churches, schools, small groups and Christian related activities. Controversial religious critic, Daddy Freeze has stated that Lucifer is not Satan as he blamed King James Version of the Bible for the misconception.

According to Daddy Freeze, the King James Version of the Holy Bible is a modern day slave book and has warned Christians against the use of the KJV Bible.

Daddy Freeze stated that, Lucifer was mentioned 4 times in Latin vulgate which was completed in the year 405, about 100 years before the English language was invented. Daddy freeze also stated that in 2nd Peter 1:19, Peter declared Christ to be Lucifer and that Lucifer would rise in our hearts.

“So how did Lucifer become Satan? Because King James, the worst and most heretic Bible translation of all time declared him so; IN GRAVE ERROR!” Daddy Freeze wrote.

The post from Daddy Freeze has sparked mixed reaction from fans as he is supported by many and also criticized by the other section of his fan base.

In conclusion, does Daddy Freeze mean KJV Bible was erroneously translated and is not a recommendable reading piece for Christians?

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