Reactions as another girl was found dead in her alleged boyfriend’s apartment

Faderera Oloyede, a female undergraduate of the Federal University of Oye Ekiti in Ekiti State, was found dead in an apartment allegedly belonging to her boyfriend, Ayo Maliki, in Osun State.

This is the second recorded case in the space of 4 days, as the first, was Cynthia Obreshi and now, Faderera. What is really happening? On like Faderera, Cynthia was found dead with her alleged male friend Samuel Osuji as her body was found in the bedroom while that of Samuel was seen in the kitchen.

According to report, Faderera went to Ayo’s house with a friend who was later identified as Kemisola Adwusi. It was reported that she died shortly after a served meal by Ayo.

The Osun State Police Command, Yemisi Opalola has told newsmen that investigation had begun into the case as she revealed that, the current state of Ayo is unknown but Kemisola had been detained for further questioning.

The news has sparked mixed reactions from social media users, as some fear for the future of Ayo, while others believed he is guilty:

What will you do if you were Ayo?

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