You think FBI or Interpol don’t know me? Mompha slams those tagging his page

Mompha, the Nigerian social media big boy who is known for his luxury lifestyle has lashed out at Nigerians tagging the FBI and Interpol on his Instagram page following unconfirmed report of the arrest of three Dubai-based Nigerian social media big boys, including Hushpuppi.

In his post addressed to those he described as “hypocrites and people who never mind their business Bastards”, Mompha hurled curses at those who leave “You’re next” comments on his posts on the social media platform.

He wrote;

O Allah, please grant every believing man and woman: Your mercy, Your guidance, Your blessings and Your forgiveness (Amin)

JUMMA’AT Mubarak ??!!! Note: For those idiots tagging fbi and interpol on my page and saying you are next na thunder go fire those hand you use in typing by the special Grace you idiot think fbi or interpol dont know mompha you must be really sick fucking hypocrites they never mind their business Bastards!!

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