Rumours Of Jeff Bezos Death Is Not True, As #RipJeffBezos Trends On Twitter.

Today, Twitter users were presented with the news that the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has died after drowning in a river, when the #RIPJeffBezos is trended on Twitter at #1 position.

The rumors speculated that the richest person in the world Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of over $130 Billion, has died.

However, media sources have revealed that the rumors are entirely false. The death hoax was created in order to defame him and probably to topple down the Amazon stocks.

The news said that the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has drowned in a river and died consequently.

Initially, people were shocked to hear the news. But later on, the trend took a new path where people shared cool memes to mock Jeff Bezos.

Take a look at some of the initial reactions of people on RIP Jeff Bezos Dead.

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