Surrender one rifle and get two cows – Governor of Zamfara State offers bandits a fresh start

The Northern part of Nigeria, is one of the most attacked area of the country, when we talk about issues of insurgency or bandits attack.

The Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawella, has offered an escape route for bandits in the state, as he wants them to exchange their rifle with two cows as he claimed they need the cows to advance their economic interest.

Zamfara State is one of those states that have faced repeated attacks from armed men, and as a result to curb the menace, the governor made this offer. According to The Cable news, the governor made the offer when he hosted Mohammed Adamu, inspector general of police and other top security heads.

“For every rifle submitted by repentant bandits, there would be compensation of two cows. We don’t want to give them money, so they wouldn’t use the same money to acquire more weapons. Most of them have made forests and caves their new home. We need to empower them so they would start a new life” Governor Bello said.

It’s now left for the bandits to come out from their hiding place and accept the governors offer or remaining in hiding which definitely, the law will still catch up with them.

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