Dismissed Solider pleads for forgiveness from FG and Police for assaulting a female officer

In a viral video that went trending online Yemi Ayeni, a 32-year-old dismissed solider was caught on camera assaulting a police woman in broad daylight. it was learnt that Ayeni has been terrorizing residents of Shibiri area in Lagos, with claims of been a solider.

According to report, Ayeni has been identified and arrested by the police for his act. Ayeni who is a dismissed solider got offended by the female police officer for stopping a commercial bus he was commuting in.

During interrogation, it was reported that Ayeni got disqualified at entry-level into the military due to his bad temper, as he gets offensive whenever someone shouts at him. Ayeni also claimed that his wife walked out of the marriage leaving him with their baby alone, something he is yet to come to terms with.

“I am a dismissed solider. I was dismissed during training. I had spent four months in the training before I was dismissed. This was because anytime someone shouted at me, I get offensive. They said I had a medical problem.” Ayeni said.

Ayeni has since asked for forgiveness from the Federal Government and Police, saying they should temper justice with mercy, as he will not commit such again.

The spokesperson of the state police command, Bala Elkana, said Yemi Ayeni would be charged to court for assault.

This is not a matter of forgiveness, as he didn’t not just only beat a police woman, but assaulted someone else’s wife, mother, and most especially a fellow Nigerian. To even imagine he is a disqualified solider tells the full story. He should also visit a therapist.

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