Doctor Contracts COVID-19 Days After Receiving Vaccine

Four days after being injected with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine, an American doctor has tested positive for coronavirus disease.

The incident occurred at Montefiore Hospital in New York, with Dr. Amos Dudi, an intensive care and lung disease specialist at the hospital saying;

“One of our team members started to feel symptoms about four days after he got the vaccine,”

“We are not sure when exactly he was infected, it may have even been before he received the vaccine or it could be after then.”

Dr. Dudi noted that the Pfizer vaccine does not achieve its full effect of protection from the coronavirus until the second dose has been administered, 21 days after the first dose is given.

“We do not expect to be immune to the virus before that. It is precisely this period of time between the two vaccine doses is the period of time in which people should be careful and not be complacent.

I myself was vaccinated 11 days ago, and that does not stop me from putting on a mask and being as cautious as I was before that. On the contrary, I may be even a little more cautious.”

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