Nigerian Lady Breaks Up With Boyfriend After He Mocked Her For Earning N35K/Month.(See Photos)

After sharing screenshots of her chat on social media, an unidentified Nigerian lady revealed that she ended her two-year relationship with a boyfriend because he mocked her for earning thirty five thousand Naira.

She stated that she was with her boyfriend and some of his friends at a lounge and they got talking about “Detty December”, budgeting for Christmas outing when the humiliating incident occurred.

According to her, everyone was talking about where they would love to visit and she told her boyfriend who was with his friends that she would want to visit Shiro Lagos.

She said that immediately she mentioned Shiro, her desired location for the festive period, her boyfriend burst into laughter and joked about her salary.

“You want to go to Shiro with your N35k salary? it’s only juice you will be able to buy oh”. Her boyfriend stated.

The lady lamented that the rest of his friends joined him to laugh at her. They made her an object of ridicule for a couple of minutes, an act she tagged humiliating and decided to end her two-year-old relationship with him.

However she wasn’t sure if she overreacted by breaking up with him.

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