The Johnson’s Family Star, Seun Osigbesan (Jennifer) Clashes With Bobrisky Says He’s A Disgrace To Manhood.

The Johnson’s Family actress, Seun Osigbesan well known as Jennifer has called popular crossdresser, Bobrisky a disgrace to manhood, after his interview with Chude Jideonwo.

Seun said this in reaction to Bobrisky’s comment of becoming a woman and using what he has to get what he wants after realizing that women are powerful in contrast to men who mostly live a life of “suffering.”

I am so disgusted right now
I have never done this on my page
I have never taken to my social media to speak against anyone other than the Nigerian government but this right here sucks
This man is a disgrace to Manhood!!!
What does he know about Being A Woman?
And what exactly does he mean by “I use what I have to get what I want”?
What exactly is he preaching about BEING A WOMAN ?
Does he mean being a man means being a slave? I really do not understand this
What exactly is he preaching?
May the judgment of God come upon you for choosing to be an agent of the devil and misleading innocent lives,” Seun wrote.

However,Bobrisky in reaction stated that he doesn’t know who Seun was before now but can now “recognize her with a fat nose that looks like a cow”. Claiming that he has promised never to fight anyone and to mind his business, the cross-dresser stated that it still doesn’t mean he will take a “nonsense opinion” about him.

Bobrisky also warned Seun never to post anything about him again as her punishment is dragging “her life” on his page which has a bigger audience.

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