Comedienne Princess’ Daughter Opens Up On How Baba Ijesha Harassed Her.

The 14-year-old foster daughter of popular Nigerian comedienne, Princess, has opened up on how she was allegedly harassed by actor Baba Ijesha.

In a video played during proceedings at an Ikeja Special Offences Court on Wednesday, October 20, the minor (name withheld), on said the 49-year-old embattled actor told her he was her boyfriend.

According to reports, the child, during the interview, described the interaction she had with Baba Ijesha on April 19 when she met him at her foster mother’s home.

She said Baba Ijesha came into the home, he initially acted like he was having a phone conversation and that the defendant began checking the apartment to know whether anyone was home before he approached her.

She said as follows;

“He said you’re a smart young girl, my baby. Do you have a boyfriend? I said no and he said since you do not have a boyfriend now that you’re much more mature, you’re now mine, I am your boyfriend.

He said I used to teach you some things when you were small. I asked him what things so that I could record him with my phone. My phone was under the throw pillow because I thought he wanted to confess to what he did seven years ago but I was unable to record him.

He said don’t you remember, me and you used to play together, I used to teach you some things when you were small.

Me and you had a contract and I asked him what contract? He asked me to sit on his legs and I said no and he said to you that when you were small you were not afraid. Now you’re afraid.

He began touching me sexually and he had asked me to bring him some water. When I went to the kitchen he also followed me and it was at this point that my mother and the other men (CCTV company staff) came in.”

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