Watch Video As Iranian Governor Gets Slapped In The Face During Public Speech.

A video making rounds online shows a newly appointed Iranian governor gotten slapped on stage during a public speech by a government official who walked over to him during the event.

The newly elected governor identified as Zeinolabedin Khorram, of East Azerbaijan province, was on stage delivering a speech at the Imam Khomeini Mosque in the northeastern city of Tabriz when the incident took place.

In the video posted online the offender was seen calmly walking up to Khorram, slapping him in the face and then shoving him.

Immediately, security guards ran toward the offender, pulling him off stage.

Reporters identified the offender as Ayoub Alizadeh, a member of the country’s armed forces.

In an interview with state-run television IRIB, the provincial governor said he did not know the offender personally.

Although the motive for the attack is unclear, the offender told the police after he was arrested that he slapped the governor because he was upset that a man had vaccinated his wife at a Covid-19 vaccine clinic, rather than a woman, IRIB said in its report.

Watch the video below:

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