What You Need To Know About Doyin Okupe’s Money Laundering Charge & Jail Term.

Dr. Doyin Okupe, a former Senior Special Assistant to former President Goodluck Jonathan was on Monday, December 19th, 2022, found guilty of charges related to money laundering by a Nigerian High Court.

According to recent reports Doyin Okupe has now resigned as a board member of Peter Obi’s presidential campaign team.

The presiding judge while stating that the Money Laundering Act provided that no individual or organisation shall receive any sum above N5m and N10m respectively without passing through a financial institution, held that, “there is no evidence that the money passed through a financial institution” and that Okupe was not a financial institution, and that, even if the president was said to have authorised the funds, he did not say that the money must be paid in cash.

Consequently, the court found Okupe guilty in counts 34, 35, 36 to 59 and sets him free from counts 1 to 33 because the prosecution failed to establish the charge of money laundering and criminal breach of trust and corruption against the NSA.

In counts 34 to 59 upon which Okupe was convicted, he was accused of receiving various sums of money ranging from N10m on different occasions from 2012 to 2015 when he was Jonathan’s aide.

The said sum, Okupe said, was spent on running his office, payment of staff members and image laundering of the former President and his administration. But, the court, however, held that receiving such amounts in cash violated the Money Laundering Act.

In response to the charges, Doyin Okupe on Monday night, stated on Twitter that his “adversaries will keep losing.”

“God is not man. The enemies have tried in so many ways but keep failing…Victory is of God,” He wrote.

Earlier yesterday Okupe in a tweet also said;

“lies, fabrication and disinformation are their tools. But in the end they will fail and be shamed. Doyin

Okupe has not chopped any shishi neither has he shifted base by 1mm!!! We are moving forward till God delivers us all from perpetual raiders of this lost but glorious ark. Naija.”

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