YAH Debut his “SEED” EP.

Introducing “SEED”: The Gospel EP by Yah – A Revelation of Musical Brilliance and Inspiration

Gospel music has found its newest sensation in the form of Alex O. Osarodion, better known by his musical alias, Yah. With his debut EP project titled “SEED,” Yah is set to make an indelible mark in the music world. This genuine gospel artist has harnessed the power of his music to share the good news and ignite hearts with his soul-stirring melodies. The wait is finally over, as the highly anticipated EP is now available for all to experience.

What sets Yah apart from the crowd is his ingenious fusion of Afro pop and gospel, creating a truly unique musical landscape. His distinct vocal style, coupled with his melodic dynamic baritone voice, elevates his music to new heights. Listeners can expect a captivating journey through six empowering songs, along with a bonus instrumental track for the love of music.

The EP showcases a selection of Yah’s remarkable songs, each filled with purpose and profound meaning. From the invigorating “Arise With the Sun” to the uplifting “Call On God” and the comforting assurance of “He is In Control,” Yah’s music resonates deeply with the spirit. Other notable tracks on the EP include the infectious “Konnichiwa,” the patriotic “Nigeria” and the anthemic “Soldier of Christ.” Additionally, the EP includes the instrumental version of “Konnichiwa” to delight instrumental music enthusiasts.

Early listeners have already showered “SEED” with rave reviews, praising its powerful lyrics and captivating melodies. Although you may have missed the exclusive listening party, fear not, for you can experience the magic yourself after listening to the project. Prepare to be transported into a world of sweet dreams and divine inspiration.

Yah shared his thoughts on the EP, saying, “Hello friends, neighbors, and family, I officially present to you ‘SEED.’ I chose this title because, just like a fertile piece of land, good seeds are needed for planting. Before the planting season arrives, here is ‘SEED.’ This EP will uplift and heal you. If you can hear and believe, you too will experience the same feelings that I did during the writing process. Please enjoy.”

Don’t miss your chance to Listen to this phenomenal EP. As curious and hungry as you are, head over to Yah’s website, www.yah-music.com, to secure your copy. Stay updated and connect with Yah on Twitter (@Yah_music96) and TikTok (@yah_music96) for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his musical journey.



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