Watch Videos (+18): Tiktok Influencer, Buba Girl “Esther Raphael” Leaked X-tapes That Got Everyone Talking

Nigerian Tiktok influncer Esther Raphael popularly known as the “Buba Girl” has got everyone on social media talking as her s*xtape goes viral online.

The video that surfaced online showed how she was heavily sexually into herself trying to get an orgasm, however the issue is why she recorded herself and how the video got out to the public. Information gathered alleged that the Tiktoker “Buba girl” sells nudes and video of herself, others claimed she sent the videos to her Boyfriend who broke up with her and later started blackmailing her with the videos, while in other stories it was said she mistakenly shared the video online.

Check out the video below if truly it looked like a mistake or a deliberate act.

Watch the videos below;

“The Buba Girl,” elevated for her diverse range of amazing content on TikTok, ranging from dance routines to entertaining skits, now finds herself caught in a complex situation as her private content becomes the subject of unauthorized disclosure.

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