BBNaija All Stars: Mercy Eke Confronts Kim Oprah as ‘Fake Housemate’ in Face-to-Face Exchange (Video)

Mercy Eke Expresses Skepticism About Housemates Kim Oprah and Omashola

The Big Brother Naija All Stars edition has been nothing short of drama, alliances, and twists, and one of the most recent intriguing developments involves none other than Mercy Eke. The reality TV sensation and former winner of the show has openly expressed her skepticism about two of her fellow housemates, Kim Oprah and Omashola. In a candid conversation following a task on a Wednesday, Mercy didn’t mince her words, questioning the authenticity of these housemates and implying that they might not be in the competition for the prize money like the rest of them.

Mercy Eke didn’t waste any time in getting to the heart of the matter. She took the opportunity to confront Kim Oprah and voiced her doubts about whether Kim and Omashola truly belonged in the Big Brother Naija house.

“I still feel like you guys are fake housemates with the way things played out on Sunday,” Mercy told Kim Oprah, not holding back her suspicions. “Even during the first nomination, it was like a compulsory thing to put you guys up. It was a specific order to put one of you, new housemates up. So honestly right now I think you’re fake. And that actually changed my game. In fact, let me tell you before you go outside and see it, I put you up,” she boldly stated.

In response to Mercy’s accusations, Kim Oprah defended herself and her fellow housemates. She pointed out that the massive eviction on Sunday night had effectively exposed them to the other housemates, making them easy targets for suspicion.

“I actually spoke to Biggie in my diary session that he just put a target on our backs and that was not necessary,” Kim Oprah explained. She went on to question whether Lucy, another housemate, would have garnered enough fans in her two-week stay to gather votes against more established contestants like Pere and Adekunle, who were in the top 5.

The drama and tension in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house continue to escalate as housemates navigate alliances, nominations, and evictions. Mercy Eke’s skepticism regarding Kim Oprah and Omashola adds a new layer of intrigue to the competition, as viewers eagerly await how these suspicions will impact the dynamics of the game.

As the show progresses, it remains to be seen whether Mercy’s doubts will be validated or if Kim Oprah and Omashola can prove their authenticity as genuine housemates with a shot at the coveted prize money. In the world of Big Brother Naija, the only certainty is that the unexpected is always just around the corner. Stay tuned for more updates and drama from the Big Brother Naija All Stars edition!

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