Angela Okorie Opens Up About Trauma After Surviving Assassination Attempt

Nollywood actress and singer, Angela Okorie, has shared the harrowing experience of escaping an assassination attempt in December 2019, revealing that it left her traumatized. In a recent podcast interview hosted by her colleague, Iyabo Ojo, Okorie disclosed that she battled severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over three years, leading to insomnia and acute stress disorder. Due to the trauma, she lived under constant security surveillance.

The actress also alleged that someone within the movie industry sponsored the attack on her life, emphasizing that it occurred after they were coming from a show.

In the interview, Okorie said, “I went through hell. We were actually coming from a show when we were attacked by gunmen. It was very traumatising. For three good years, it was hard for me to have a relationship or do anything.”

Due to the lingering fear, she continued to move around with security, even in situations where it wasn’t necessary. Okorie expressed the embarrassment of needing security in places where she would have preferred not to, attributing it to the trauma from the assassination attempt.

“It was an assassination attack sponsored by someone in the movie industry. It’s from the industry because we were coming from a show,” she added.

In 2019, Angela Okorie had announced on Instagram that she narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, stating, “10 bullets were removed from my head and 2 bullets close to my eyes.”

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