Hanks Anuku Opens Up: Battling Depression and Alcohol

Veteran Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku, has candidly revealed that he turns to alcohol as a coping mechanism for his battle with depression.

Addressing his financial struggles in a viral video on his Instagram page, the actor shared insights into his challenges, saying, “Yes, depression makes me drink but I never take hard drugs, I don’t take hard drugs at all.”

Anuku, who has been in the news for concerns about his appearance and well-being, further explained the impact of depression on his life. He disclosed, “Out of depression, I did not have a job for years. I was thinking about my children, their school fees, and their welfare, among other things, and you know what it is like when it gets to that point.”

Describing it as a breaking point, the 63-year-old actor admitted to resorting to drinking as a way to cope with the emotional struggles he faced.

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