“I’m Not the Perfect Musician, Talking is my genre of music”- Shallipopi

Nigerian singer Crown Uzama, popularly known as Shallipopi, has candidly admitted that he is not a “perfect musician.” In a recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast, he acknowledged that he is neither a “perfect” singer nor a songwriter, but he brings vibes and a ‘street lingual’ style to his music.

The ‘Obapluto’ crooner explained that this realization led him to sign artists who he believes are better than him to his newly-launched record label, Plutomania Records.

“I never wanted to sign anybody at first, but the thing is that I know people that are better than me at singing. I cannot sign somebody that I’m better than. I’m not that good at singing, but I know how to maintain my sound. I’m not the perfect musician that you will say this guy has a game or a crazy voice. I’m not that type of artist. I call myself a vibe artist. I put street lingual in my music that some fans relate to,” Shallipopi shared.

He further emphasized, “I’m a talker, I’m not a rapper. Talking is my genre of music.” This candid acknowledgment of imperfection and his unique style highlights Shallipopi’s self-awareness and authenticity as an artist.

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