No Pressure from Me: Don Jazzy’s Father on His Marriage Choices

Collins Enebeli Ajereh, the father of renowned Nigerian record producer and music executive, Don Jazzy, has clarified that he is not pressuring his 40-year-old son to get married.

In a recent interview with TVC, Ajereh disclosed that Don Jazzy had been married before, but he and his estranged wife decided to part ways. He emphasized that he respects Don Jazzy’s personal decisions regarding marriage and would not pressure him to remarry.

“He [Don Jazzy] was married. But they [he and his ex-wife] decided to end their marriage,” Ajereh said.

When asked if he still holds hope for Don Jazzy to remarry, Ajereh responded, “Well, that is his choice. The question of marriage is an individual choice. Some people choose marriage and some don’t and yet have relationships that might blossom into what makes their lives complete.”

He also clarified that he does not believe Don Jazzy’s decision to remain single is solely due to the nature of his job.

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