Portable Criticizes Oladips for Allegedly Faking His Death to Promote Album

Controversial singer, Portable, has expressed strong disapproval of rapper Oladips, accusing him of pretending to have died solely for the purpose of promoting his new album.

Earlier this week, the management of Oladips announced his alleged passing in a social media post. However, in a twist of events the next day, Oladips’ close associate, Qdot, took to Instagram to assert that the rapper is still alive.

In response to this controversy, Portable, in a viral video, criticized Oladips for what he perceives as using a fake death to generate publicity for his new album.

“I’m not tired of life now. I’m still very much alive. I can’t use my own life to play in such a way because I’m still very much happy with life. I will not use my death to promote an album,” Portable stated emphatically.

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